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The Solillaquists of Sound Timeline


The on-going journey of SoS has been an epic one to experience.  We wish all of you could be there to share in every monumental moment with us, but of course that is (not yet) possible.  However, we’ve compiled an overview of the first 11 years of Solillaquists and are sharing that with you here as the #10YearsInExistence celebration continues.  Enjoy the recap and stick around for the next decade.. It’s only gonna get better!

This year marks the 10 year anniversary of our first officially released Solillaquists of Sound album ‘As if We Existed.’ It was the first album of ‘The Listeners Trilogy’ that also includes ‘No More Heroes’ and most recently, ‘The 4th Wall’ double album set. We will be celebrating all year by sharing posts reflecting on the last 10 years in Existence as well as what we are working on now and what’s to come!  But it’s not just about us as Solillaquists of Sound – it’s about all of us – fans and friends alike. Share your stories with us. When was the first time you heard SOS, or came to a live show?

Let’s keep it moving..  Follow the tag #10YearsInExistence for more!

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