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Solillaquists to play MindSpring Music Festival

On April 16, 2016, Solillaquists of Sound will be playing the Mindspring Music Festival with a slew of other great artists!  Check the links and text below for more details.

You can purchase tickets for the event here!

Visit the festival’s official website for more details!

1 day musical gathering

2 day camping experience
Over 50 musical performances

From Rock to Reggae, Funk to Punk, Hip-Hop to Jamtronica, Americana, EMD, and more…
MindSpring has been carefully curated with the intention of presenting a unique and diverse line-up that has something for everyone’s musical tastes and preferences but at the same time strives to expose attendees to new and exciting artists and sounds…
The Gates open at 10:00AM Saturday morning.
St. John’s County Fairgrounds – Elkton, FL 32033

Arrive early and catch the opening acts!!! Enjoy some breakfast from one of our delicious local vendors. Pick up some local arts and crafts, handmade jewelry, or clothing and apparel on your way to the yoga & meditation workshops (10AM & 11AM) at the SoulHouse. Take your shot at a high score at our vintage gaming center on old school favorites such as Tetris or Pac Man, visit our cult classic movie theater for a variety of cinematic favorites including a screening of “Dark Side of the Rainbow”, or get manic with a Magic SuitCase… whatever you do, just make sure you grab a schedule at the gate so you know where to be to see your favorite artists perform.

MindSpring is coming out of the gate with back to back live performances all day long on three different stages – The MindArena, the BodyField, and the BrainDome! Chill out with some of the regions best Americana/Folk singer/songwriters in the SoulHouse! The only foreseeable dilemma is deciding which headlining act you’ll be ending the night with? Will you be interacting with an immersive live electronic experience or be throwing down to a high-energy brass house movement?

There’s even more in store late-night for the 18 and up crowd… Head over to silent disco in the BrainDome and listen to 1 of 2 DJs playing live in your headset. Switch back and forth between channels and see who’s spinning your favorite EDM. Back over at the SoulHouse, kick it for some cult classics. And when you’ve finally had enough, your camp site is only a 5-minute walk away.

So come out, enjoy the day, and keep in mind the number one rule…





  • Sorry Campers, NO FIRE OF ANY KIND!
  • Coolers must stay at your campsite and are not permitted into the festival grounds.
  • Do not bring any Professional Camera Equipment, drones, aircrafts, lasers, horns, or anything that will interfere with the artists performance. Let the MMF performers entertain you!!
  • Do not bring weapons of any kind, drugs, paraphernalia, fireworks or explosive.
  • Pets are unfortunately NOT permitted.
  • NO alcohol is allowed to be brought into the festival.
  • All ticket sales are final. This is a rain or shine event. Lineup is subject to change at anytime for any reason.
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