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‘As if We Existed’ turns 10!

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of the release of “As if We Existed,” the first piece of the puzzle that is the ‘The Listener’s Trilogy’ not to mention the first album by Solillaquists of Sound to be released internationally.  For many SoS fans, this album served as the official introduction to The Solilla Universe which […]

SoS Sighting: Gettysburg Four Scores

We found this video a few years ago of A cappella group, Gettysburg Four Scores, performing not just the lyrics of the title track of Solillaquists’ “As if We Existed” but the music as well! Imitation isn’t always flattering, but the work these individuals put into learn all of the lyrics and create an all […]

Best Hip Hop 2016!

For the 11nth year in a row (12th year total), the people of Orlando have voted Solillaquists of Sound as the best Hip Hop act in this year’s Orlando Weekly Best of.  We are honored, thank you Orlando, and Orlando Weekly for enjoying what we make, having our backs and supporting our sound. #10yearsinexistence  

10 Years in Existence

This year marks the 10 year anniversary of our first officially released Solillaquists of Sound album ‘As if We Existed.’ It was the first album of ‘The Listeners Trilogy’ that also includes ‘No More Heroes’ and most recently, ‘The 4th Wall’ double album set. It’s difficult to summarize the last decade and the transformation we’ve […]

Preview the PBS spot featuring Solillaquists of Sound

You can watch PBS’ coverage of the Art of Word Tour ft. Solillaquists of Sound, Blueprint, & Grayskul on tonight’s episode of WEDU Arts Plus.  WEDU is West Central Florida’s PBS station.  For those in the area tune in tonight @ 8pm to see the full episode.  The world will be able to watch online tomorrow. […]

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